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Friday, August 12, 2011

God has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder

 Did that get your attention?

It seems no one is safe, not even God from the long reach of psychiatrist's diagnosis and the need to categorize people and explain the things they do or don't do. 

I came across this article a couple of weeks ago, of course being bipolar myself,  it caught my attention, and I was interested in how the diagnosis was made that God himself had Bipolar.

A psychiatrist and Doctor of Divinity at Yale university has made the ground-breaking  diagnosis that God does indeed suffer from Bipolar Disorder. According to statistics, 5 percent of the world's population suffers from some form of Bipolar, but this declaration of God joining the ranks seems a little far fetched and even a bit sacrilegious.  The report states that the evidence can be found throughout history, within the unending stories of disasters, love, anger and salvation often all at the same time and with little or no reason.

The professor states that we need to understand that God cannot  be held responsible for his actions, just like any of us cannot  be if we suffer from the illness.  For those of us here on earth, there is information available to help control the mood swings, mania and depression.  For me, a combination of Zoloft and Lamictal works wonders, however the dosage of Zoloft must be monitored as it can trigger a manic episode. 

Similarly, it was noted that Gods Bipolar is actually seasonal, proven by the chaos of storms, tornados and hurricanes experienced throughout the spring and summer, while fall and winter bring decay and cold gray days.

Is it possible God suffers from rapid cycling? Many with Bipolar Disorder will experience 12 cycles of mania and depression in a lifetime, for others. However, rapid cycling brings  can occur four or more times a year, often coinciding with the changing seasons. 

It's hard to imagine that someone would seriously consider this idea and make it public knowledge, but for some trying to understand the reason things happen to make them easier to accept.

I think it is certainly a stretch to say God suffers from the illness. I cannot  imagine arriving at my psychiatrist's office only to see God leaving the office after his appointment.   Then again, if it was to be true, maybe the stigma that goes along with a diagnosis of any mental illness may not exist, and it would be more widely accepted as normal. 

Anything is possible, but I for one will not go along with the idea that God has a bipolar disorder- it does make you think though.  

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