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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I saw God today

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It didn’t start out that, in fact just the opposite. I woke this morning to 2 inches of snow on the ground. Now, while it looks beautiful in the early morning, that’s about it.

I stepped outside ready to take in its beauty, but when my feet hit the still undisturbed snow I slipped landing on my butt, using my right hand to break my fall. It’s instinct, but usually does not end well. Now I sit here with a splint on my hand – nursing a sprained hand/thumb) could have been worse, so I am grateful.

It was later in the day when God arrived. I let our dog out in the back yard, and as he ran through the snow, enjoying the freedom, I felt peace. While it had snowed overnight, the day was warm and much of 2inches we had received had already melted. I stood in the yard looking at the sky, perfect blue, a few clouds and sun shining bright. I felt an amazing calm and joy – it wasn’t because of anyone thing, it was just peace in the moment.

I get excited about days like this because sometimes they are few and far between – so their arrival is cause for celebration and acknowledgment. In everything today I see life and hope, peace and what can be. I look at my photography, the pictures that hang in my office and I can see life in them, they speak to me. I can see again why I took the shot.

My doctor will be happy for this realization. Especially after I missed my appointment last week. (I wrote down the wrong day on my calendar)

I saw God today.

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