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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do you miss Mania?

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This will be a short post, just something I thought of last night and wrote some thoughts down.

While I am not a fan of the cycling that goes with Bipolar Disorder, I have to admit that my mania and I have become friends. We spend our days dreaming, writing, taking pictures and enjoying life. Time passes quickly when we are together; my to-do list is finished in no time and the sun shines bright.

It seems I can take on the world, and then…….the inevitable brick wall shows up, nasty thing that it is and takes away all my fun. What really gets me then is all that I did while I was manic is still here and now that I have no energy and no interest, I still need to keep going. All to often it has happened that I volunteered for things, or agreed to do this or that, then when the mania is gone………..I have to find a way to manage it all.

So, basically I miss my mania – we’re friends.

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