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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


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If you suffer from neck pain or even back, head and stomach pain - it may be stress from the problem of ever deepening debt.

Medical research has found that chronic stress can be linked to many ailments. Researchers have found is it is not only those who suffer from depression, but millions of Americans are facing these ailments are increasing as the amount of debt increases. To the extreme, there are those who suffer from ulcers, severe depression, heart attacks and panic attacks - to the point to avoiding the mail man and no longer answering the phone.

The numbers show 10 to 16 million Americans are facing illness because the never ending worry of where the next payments will come from, how they will feed their family, and what their future holds. The research has also shown that, the increasing stress from debt is 14% higher than 2004, a staggering number and sign of the times.

While our bodies are conditioned with a "fight or flight" response, where the body on its own releases adrenaline and a stress hormone called Cortisol; in the situations many American face now - the body stays in a constant state of worry, keeping the body in fight mode, in turn causing the numerous physical and mental problems.

One would think that with ever climbing numbers of debt, Americans would be more aware of what they are doing - just opposite seem to be true. Since 2004, credit card debt has increased by 957 billion, car loans are up almost 3000 and mortgages are up nearly 3 trillion.

Many admit their debt is due to wanting more, keeping up with other family members or friend. Looking for a bigger house, things that will - in their minds, make them happy. In the end, however, it seems these wishes are making them sick, taking away the joy of life. It should be noted, however, that even the everyday expenses such as gas and food, are just as responsible.

What will it take for us to see what we are doing to our bodies, our minds and lives? The non-stop goal of "more" will in time begin to take lives, if only mentally. Is it worth it?

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