Thoughts From MY Cluttered Mind offers positive angles to the issue that faces those with mental illness. Living with Bipolar Disorder myself and being able to share my experiences with others, is the best way I know how to pay it forward. Life can be difficult, my goal is to bring a bit of hope to a place where many feel there is none.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 leads us into the unknown.

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Back in January, which now seems like an eternity, I had great plans for this year. I maintained 4 or 5 blogs, working to keep each of them up to snuff. I was working for a local newspaper and doing some freelance work on line...

Slowly all these things came to a crashing end, some because I was taking on too much and had to realize I was only human. Some because I had to get a “real job,” in order to help pay the bills at home since we had just bought a house.

For nearly 6 months I fell into a cycle of work, blogs falling apart, leaving the newspaper and freelance work suffering terribly.

I could chalk much of this up to my “cycle” as my psychiatrist would call it, which could partially be true. Or the simple idea that I could everything and when I realized I can not, it all falls apart.

Last month, in November, I had the realization that I miss writing. I went back to the newspaper, restarted two of my blogs and recreated my photo blog. (Currently, under construction) and slowly working on a new website for my freelance business. I did learn however, to be careful. I have found several freelance jobs that I would like to tackle, apply for – but through experience know that taking on too much will have terrible consequences – in many ways. So, I must take it slow – which is SO not my nature.

So, what do I have planned for 2009 – ah, for right now I am not completely sure? I want to take my time a do this the right way, not too energetic, not to simple a totally manageable. OK, I can dream – in some way I know it’s not reality, a plan is one thing – keeping to it is another.

I began tracking my moods, which has helped considerably - I know when and why many of my moods occur. For those who have continued to read through my sporadic posts, I thank you.

Here is to a wonderful 2009!!