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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where did summer go? Where have I been?

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I have sat here the last couple days wondering what to write to get my blogs back up to where they should be. It was only a couple months ago, before school let out for the summer, that I had plans, dreams and goals. Today, however, it is more of a fight to keep my head above water.

With my doctors blessing I went back to work, keeps me busy and has been a challenge to maintain my sanity, sometimes on a daily basis. As the summer has come to a close I find myself wondering where the time went, work seemed an easy thing to fit into my schedule, after all the girls were out of school - I only worked a few hours a day and then I had the evenings for myself.

Ok, maybe it was my medication that made me think it would all work out that way, but I thought it would work. Now, at the end of August I am hoping to simply squeak through next few weeks with my sanity in tact.

For anyone with Bipolar, you know what I'm talking about. Those fun little hypomanic episodes when you fly through the house cleaning all you can, then 30 minutes later are reaching for the phone to call the doctor because you can stop crying and feel like the world is closing in. Yeah, the last week has been like that.

In my defense, I have gotten a few things done - I have reworked my blogs (at least on paper), made more plans for when school starts again and "I have time." If anyone has an idea of how to keep on track, keep on task and actually follow a plan - let me know, because after about 3 weeks I lose all concept of what I was attempting in the first place.

So, from my cluttered mind - I find myself at the end of summer, no further ahead of where I was back in June. Well, there's always next time...........

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