Giving a Voice to the Silence offers positive angles to the issue that faces those with mental illness. Living with Schizo-Affective Disorder and being able to share my experiences with others, is the best way I know how to pay it forward. Life can be difficult, my goal is to bring a bit of hope to a place where many feel there is none.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Stay Tuned for New Posts

Sunrise Over Hay BalesImage from FlickrYou might wonder where I have been, well I'll tell you.......Writing!!! I have the spent the last week working on my non-fiction book. I will be back to posting on Monday, hopefully with a clear mind....:)


  1. Kelly,
    So glad you stopped by....

    It's amazing how fast kids grow up. I can't believe how fast my 12 year old has grown....but I still love to watch him sleep, too!!!

    Hope you got a lot of writing accomplished.


  2. Ok,looking forward to read more posts from you.