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Friday, May 23, 2008

Doctor's Knowledge - assists in their own suicide

Drug ampoulesImage via WikipediaWe see doctors to heal us, save our lives and give us hope for the future - physically. However, there is one thing not talked about, or probably even considered - doctor's and suicide.

Numbers show that as many as 400 we doctors commit suicide each year. According to statistics this number may be higher than the general population, though solid numbers are not easy to come by. Which can explain the higher rate of suicides in the medical profession. Many in the 'general population' do not succeed where doctors have at their disposal the information and medications to succeed in their suicide attempt.

There are few professions that hold such a strong stigma toward mental illness than in the medical field. They figure no patient is going to want to see a doctor with mental issues.

In addition, not only do doctors know how to end their life, they have access to the medications needed.

As doctors suicides have become more widely known, the AMA has called it, "an endemic catastrophe" and has been working to open the doors of communication with the hope of bringing in more doctors who may need help, without the fear of repercussions of "admitting weakness," in their eyes.

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