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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Death Penalty for Child Rapists?

Dorchester Penitentiary in New Brunswick, Canada is an institution that is part of  Corrections Canada. Opened in 1880 as a maximum security prison, it now functions as a medium security facility.Image via WikipediaThe rape of child is one of the most heinous crimes known.

In Louisiana the question has gone before the courts to decide whether the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment when it comes to the rape of a child. Some say simply putting them in jail will take of the problem - they are not accepted in jail and often killed not long after arriving. I have heard of child abusers being separated from the general population for this reason. But what about actually sentencing someone to death?

The argument is while death may fit the crime; will the possibility increase the brutality, to include death of the children who are raped? It is a gamble - without a doubt? We have an obligation to protect our children, but if these rapists know they will walk, they will look for victims.

Los Angeles is one of only six states who have laws in place that will send a child rapist to death row. The other five states include, Georgia, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas. Others believe simply putting them in jail is punishment enough, that they will get what they deserve in time - why should they go peacefully and never have to deal with their actions when their victims will carry it with them forever.

There is no easy answer, it is agreed that child rape is so evil it is not possible to understand the rapists logic. We need to protect our children in every way possible.

So, death penalty, castration or prison? I think prison - the person who acts in this manner does not call for light sentencing.

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  1. If anyone deserves to be executed, it would be child rapists. But I am not sure that anyone does deserve execution. Nor is allowing prisoners to assault each other any semblance of justice. Also, while I do not support the death penalty, I recognize that having the punishment for raping and murdering a child much more severe than the punishment for only the rape undoubtedly saves lives.