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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Club Drug May Ease Depression (Ketamine)

100g of KetamineImage via Wikipedia"Special K" a night club drug containing horse tranquilizer and hallucinogens may actually ease depression. Ketamine, a horse tranquilizer, may cause feelings of detachment - it is possible it could pave the way for treatments for those who suffer from depression.

In a recent study, it was found that Ketamine has the ability to restore the orbifrontal cortex, the part of the brain located above the eyes that is overactive in people who are depressed. In addition, this same area is believed to control feelings of guilt, dread, apprehension and reactions to include a racing heart.

While it may seem unconventional, the opportunity to find a new treatment for a disease that affects more than 121 million people around the world and is the leading cause of suicide - is ground breaking.

In the study it was found that the Ketamine improved symptoms within 24 hours - a certain improvement from the month it can take from drugs such as Prozac to take affect. This knowledge offers a target with the ability to design new drugs that will help patients who do not respond to Prozac or other traditional medications.

It does seem a bit strange that a "club drug," would be used to bring relief to those who may use drugs to feel better on their own. Should this actually work, it may make a difference, in addition to giving those who have used it for so long a leg up, thinking......"I've been using that for years, I could have told you that." Can you imagine?

I was never able to take Prozac, I was more like a Zombie. I can't take Wellbutrin - makes me totally manic (not pretty). "Cocktail of choice?" Zoloft and Lamictal. Zoloft has to be monitored and minimal, if not I will become manic. No matter how bad the depression gets, we can't increase the Zoloft. Do I hope there are new medications? You bet!!!

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