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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why do you believe in God? Is it your faith that draws you or loneliness

Do you believe in God? Do you believe in angels, miracles or other supernatural beings? It is believed that for some, believing in these things is more mere survival than an understanding or feeling.

at the University of Chicago say that we, as humans are social creatures, while not essential we look for a connection to people, to share our lives and form relationships. For most people the idea of being alone or isolated can be devastating, no matter the reason.

It is believed through research that when a feeling of loneliness is present, a person will often do one of three things; there may make an attempt to rekindle old friendships, try to create new ones or in some cases will form connections by personalizing gadgets, like computers, cars, pets or religious figures.

In order to test their theories, groups of people were brought together to try to induce the feelings of loneliness in order to monitor how it affects how they perceive pets and/or belief in religious fixtures. Those who feel lonely showed a stronger belief in the supernatural, be it ghosts, angels, miracles, and God.

Overall, this study showed that whether a person feels lonely, or are "induced" to feel lonely, the tendency to lean towards the supernatural was prevalent. In the end, it was seen that these attachments are not necessarily wrong, being connected socially to other people seems to produce the same feelings of belonging as those with a closer connection to pet and/or religious agents.

It just goes to show that we may not actually be alone; wherever we may be it is possible to combat the feelings of loneliness in many ways.

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  1. Have you ever had the feeling of being homesick and your already home? I think deep down we know something is missing, but we aren't quite sure what so we desperately try to connect with other people or form a connection with the almighty or the unknown to fullfill the needs we seek. Many turn to abusive substances for comfort and aren't quite sure why. Everyone is trying to fill the need.