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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Regular Sleep Patterns may help Bipolar Disorder

A child sleeping.Image via WikipediaWith the daily advancements of technology, we are constantly learning about mental illnesses and what makes the brain do what it does.

It may be surprising to some, those who believe anyone with a mental illness should be drugged so as to not harm anyone or themselves, that there are many non-medication treatments that are more effective.

What is important is that while medication is necessary, it does not work alone - pills themselves will never "cure" any illness or disease. In the case of BiPolar Disorder, according to research, patients who followed a regular routine and sleep pattern seemed to go longer without a new episode, than those who were given clinical management. This information is vital, showing primary care and/or family physicians can effectively help in maintaining treatment plans.

Also according to the study, by helping those with BiPolar keep a sleep schedule and wake time - this balances the circadian system helping receive the right amount of sleep and cut down on daytime exhaustion. The increase of these periods of exhaustion and/or sleeplessness often increases the chance for an episode of mania or depression.

It seems so simple, get enough sleep and you can combat the ever existing issues that plague those with Bipolar. This is not a cure all, but can help when medications do not seem to work on their own.

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