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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sex Offender wins Lottery

Many will debate that once a person is convicted of a serious crime, their rights should be limited, especially when it comes to one of the most heinous crimes – sex abuse.

When the news hit the airwaves that a Massachusetts man, considered one of the most dangerous sex offenders won the lottery you have to wonder where the justice is. Should a man, who has taken so much from his victims, from innocent children, be given the opportunity to live like a king? While it is not possible to know who will win a lottery, should there be a stipulation that if it does occur they must give a percentage to their victims.

For those who were his victims and victims in general it’s a slap in the face. Convicting a sex offender is difficult enough – as they seem to have more rights, knowing his life will be easier does not help much. Those who know him now say he is using the money to help his children and is not a “flight risk,” but who is willing to take the chance?

According to the article he had moved from Connecticut to Massachusetts, failing to notify Connecticut authorities he was moving out of state. Now, let’s review – this guy is a Level 3 sex offender and deemed most likely to re-offend, with all this information the power that be did not that he was gone. If he needs to update his residency every 90 days, and they didn’t hear from him – shouldn’t they have checked?

Everyday the news tells us of sex offenders, both male and female and the young children and teens they prey on. The additional coverage may actually help bring the situation to light and reinforce the need to protect our children, protect their right – after all they are our future.

Who is right in this? Everyone will have an opinion – that is guaranteed, those who believe Sex offenders can be rehabilitated will say leave him alone and give him a chance; those who are his victims and sex abuse victims in general will say lock him up and he does not deserve the winnings.

Imagine how they feel having to struggle through life, while their abuser sits on “easy street.”


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