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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Untimely Death of Heath Ledger

The death of Heath Ledger has sent shock waves through movie fans everywhere. Those who spend time online may have found out first and spread the word. I heard the news from my daughter as she spoke to a friend of hers - who is a Heath Ledger fan.

I read the story and felt instant sadness for a life taken too soon, a life that felt their only hope was to end their existence. If you read more into the story, you see sadness, pain and hopelessness. A life, that even with all its privilege, could not bring what was needed most.

We may never know the true reason for his death, the pain he felt that overpowered his thinking. May his death bring to light the need for all of us to listen to those we meet and to not let anything pass by as if "it was just a joke."


  1. I did not know he was discussing dying/suicide. We should never think that just because someone talks about it, they will not do it. Sometimes it is a cry for help.

  2. Yeah, cybercelt is right. I don't think it's suicide but I think it's accidental.There's no autopsy report yet, but based on articles he was sick with pneumonia and he's having problems with his sleeping. He's taking Ambien a new kind of sleeping pills, which Jack Nicholson warned him about based on previous interviews because of bad side effects.
    This is such a sad thing,plus he has lots of plans that week. so this is such a tragic death for a very fine actor.