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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Enforcing Jessica's Law - The other side

Recently an article ran on about the challenges facing the government when it comes to enforcing Jessica’s Law. (I wrote a post on Jessica's Law at: The Writers NewsRoom.

While they work to keep track of these registered sex offenders, those in the community are working to keep these offenders out of their neighborhoods – leading to a catch 22 situation. While these registered offenders cannot live with 2000 feet of a school or park, leaving the options scare, areas where they can reside they are not wanted.

Keeping a closer eye on these offenders, are the victims and the families their actions have affected. The knowledge of a sex offender in the area will often bring back memories, paralyzing them with fear and uncertainty of what their future will bring. Abuse they have endured returns full force.

Dual focus is needed in these situations, proper monitoring of the registered sex offenders and those in the community who have been affected by them. Personal care is priority and taking your life back from those who tainted it.

If we stand together, we stand strong.

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