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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Has Diagnosis and Treatment helped those with Schizophrenia

It seems even with all the modern technology, those with schizophrenia are not better off. They continue to be lost to the world, unable to comprehend what is truly happening to them, to their minds and soul. Though there are more medications available, the mortality rate has risen in recent years, according to studies - because those with the illness do not seek health care, or receive the right care. With the decline in proper mental health facilities they see no sense in even trying to get help.

While all the scientific studies are good, the reality is it does not mean much when those who suffer from schizophrenia continue to suffer. Medications that are available cause side effects and weight gain adding to the feeling of hopelessness adding to the belief that nothing can help them.

In my many years of experience with psychiatrists, parts of this report I find quite accurate. The aspects of this illness eat at the soul, dissolve many inhibitions and due to often poor health care, they do not care for themselves on a personal level either. It is a vicious cycle and those with the illness find themselves on the ride not knowing how to stop the pain and confusion. I watched my dad become lost to the disease and then lose his life because he did not seek health care and no one seemed to care.

Will we ever understand? There is no way to know for sure, but education, more mental health care and understanding can go a long way. Breaking the stigma is vital!

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