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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mental Ilness vs Drunk Driving

As I was reading a recent news article about a man driving drunk and causing a fatal accident - I discovered the catch and the reason for the story being public. The catch was/is this...instead of facing the fact of this man drinking, his family has blamed years of mental illness.

OK, now I understand the complications and uncertainties of mental illness, but what gets me is those who try to play off their mistakes by blaming the illness, figuring this will excuse them in some way for what they have done.

What they do not see is how this affects others who do live with a mental illness and live quite happily, with monitoring by a doctor; in turn allowing for medication to be kept track of, and other issues that may occur are brought to their attention before serious problems arise. When all the right things are done, but the stigma, assumptions and news reels are seen - it means nothing.

Now don't get me wrong, I do believe there are times when things do happen - unfortunately, but put blame where it belongs. For those who blame a mental health disorder think about what you are doing and how it may affect others. How would you like people to see you if YOU had a mental illness?

If you are driving drunk - then you may also have a drinking problem.

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