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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Do Soul Mates Exist?

Soul mates, how many stories are told about high school sweethearts reuniting after 20 or 30 years? Their first words are almost always - "I never forgot him/her. I am finally complete."
But is the theory true? Is there one person in the world for all of us? I believe there are two theories, actually.

The first involves faith and truth. Our lives are a series of events, each leading to another. As the years pass we have faith that who we are to be with will be revealed to us. We give our all and form a bond that is strong, joyous and any arguments, though they exist, are worked through and the relationship grows. We are able to grow together as individuals.

It is a very exciting moment where the future is brought together with someone who feels, understands and believes in life.

The second, involves the chance to relive our youth, enjoy those days again and live in those moments forever, and remind us of a life we had originally desired. As mentioned above, many people are reunited with their soul mates later in life. With our lives often times slowing, returning to what was exciting is tempting. Our soul mate from when we were young is that person, and all our dreams that come with them.

Can our lives been returned to us? That could be the true reason, there are times when our lives are lost in families and children and we often times lose our dreams and desires. A memory of those early days may bring that life back again - a new beginning.

So, do soul mates exist? I think they do, thought each is unique, each person's story is right for their life, a reason only they can know.

May your soul mate find you - today.

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